Weapon Wednesday: Hack Sword

Hack Sword

One-handed exotic weapon. 3 lbs. 125 gp. 1d8 damage. 19-20 x2 critical.

Used by savage and cruel champions of savage lands, the hack sword is crafted and balanced in such a way as to aid in hacking through one opponent and into another in a brutal welter of blood. When you successfully use the Cleave feat, you get a +4 bonus to attack and damage rolls for your bonus attack. When used with the feat Great Cleave, this weapon deals one less bonus attack and damage on each successive bonus attack after the first bonus attack.


A weapon meant only for Pathfinder! It would certainly not be balanced in good old D&D 3.5. However, the big tradeoffs for using cleave in Pathfinder make this nasty weapon work. Use with a howling barbarian or fierce mercenary fighter.

Hope you enjoy the savage reputation this weapon can give you!



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