Tuesday Tweak: New “B-C” Skill Uses

To add a layer of fantastic adventure and awesome maneuvers to your game, consider the following uses for skills beginning with the letters B-C:

Bluff: Play Dead. Let your eyes glaze over as you crumple to the ground. To be convincing, this requires a standard action opposed by opponents’ Sense Motive. They take a distance penalty, as with Perception. Your friends can aid you with Perform: acting checks.

Climb: Mad Clambering. When grappling a larger creature, you can make a Climb check as a standard action opposed by your target’s CMD. If you beat it by 10, you clamber onto your opponent’s face or similar, and hang by his neck, poking him in the eyes. This grants you a +4 bonus on grapple checks made against that target in the following rounds. The larger opponent can unseat you with a successful grapple check.

Craft: Arms Maintenance. If you spend an hour of work on a piece of equipment, you can sharpen edges, polish handles, re-wrap grips, and perform other tasks to get weaponry or armor in top working order. At the end of this hour, which must pass without interruption other than light conversation, you make a Craft check appropriate to the creation of that item. The DC is the same as if your were creating such an item. If you succeed, weapons get +1 attack for the duration of the next encounter, after which they must be sharpened and maintained again. Armor or shields get a reduction in armor penalties of 1 and -5% spell failure for a number of hours by which your Craft check defeats the DC, after which they must be polished and adjusted again.


These uses add a sense of realism and expertise for the characters. Sometimes there are ways of being “cool” that don’t directly involve beating on monsters. Make sure to have enemies make use of these abilities as well, for awesome results!



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