Feat Friday: Spell Knack

Spell Knack

You are adept at picking up magic training along the road.
Prerequisites: Spells known class feature; primary spellcasting ability score 15; Spellcraft 2 ranks
Benefit:  If you beat the DC to identify a spell being cast by 10, you may add that spell to your “spells known” list for the next 8 hours. This spell must be on your spell list. You must have a clear view of the spellcaster and be able to hear any verbal components for this feat to function. Still spell and Silent spell foil the use of Spell Knack.
After 8 hours, your knack fades and you lose your inspiration for that spell. You may not use Spell Knack on that spell again for a number of days equal to the spell’s level.


A version of Quick Mnemonic for spontaneous casters. The reason it’s more limited–you can’t use Spell Knack on the same spell twice for a while–is to prevent cheaters from having two spellcasters in the party who just keep learning spells from each other.

I’ve also gone back and lowered the cost associated with Quick Mnemonic, because I think it was too harsh. Anyway, enjoy this feat and start using the enemy’s powers against them!



7 responses to “Feat Friday: Spell Knack

  1. I like it, but I think the “never again” restriction is too much. I would give it a time limit like 24 hours + the level of the spell per hour. Perhaps the level of the spell in days. Something that doesn’t make it useless a majority of the time.

    • You sound so bitter about the easy. Also, you might want to specify 0 level spells unless you plan to us the 1/2 level standard and make it 12 hours.

    • hmm…after rereading it again it doesn’t specify that the spell has to be on your possible spell list. EG. as a sorc I could cast heal spells after watching one be cast.

    • Now what happens when when you have this feat with a multiclassed character? Since the spell is on your spell list you could use this feat via RAW.

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