Feat Friday: Quick Mnemonic

Quick Mnemonic

You can learn spells just by seeing them cast.

Prerequisites: Ability to cast arcane spells, Spellcraft 1 rank, Intelligence 15

Benefit: If you beat the DC to identify a spell being cast by 10, you can use a memory-aiding mnemonic to act as though you had a scroll of that spell for the purposes of scribing a new spell into your spellbook or adding spells to your familiar. This mnemonic lasts for 8 hours, after which you forget the precise look of the components. Due to the need for experimentation, scribing these spells costs an additional 25 gp/spell level worth of materials.


A fun feat for wizards and the occasional witch, which can let them use the enemy’s magic against them. It’s always more interesting when your character’s major actions–like learning new spells–happens on-screen, so to speak. You can watch your character increase his or her knowledge, and feel good for once about putting all those ranks into spellcraft. It also means that identifying spells being cast during combat isn’t a waste of time. You will actually care whether or not you succeed.

Have fun with this one!



5 responses to “Feat Friday: Quick Mnemonic

  1. Gold Star! I’d open this up to sorcerers / other charisma casters [bard, 3.5 assassin, dread necromancer] by adding int or cha 15.

  2. Thanks!
    I think sorcerers an others would require an entirely different feat. As the rules stand, they don’t need to scribe spells or even hear of them in any way. All that’s required is for a player to have read the spell once in some book.
    Now, if you were playing a game where spells had to actually be researched, this would be a great feat for those classes.


  3. Max,

    I love this idea for a feat. I also think Factotum’s (in 3.5) should get this as a bonus feat.

    As for David’s idea, I think there should be some way for spontaneous casters to participate, but maybe there needs to be a limit (2 or 3) as to the number of spells per level that can be added this way so as not to break it.


  4. I actually misread the ability and thought it gave you the option to write a scroll if you beat the check by 10. Thats why I suggested opening it to charisma based casters – as a character with limited spell selection, getting a few extra spells that aren’t normally available to you as you are adventuring can tip the scales in future encounters.

  5. Thanks you guys. I think I know what my next feat design will be, haha!
    Chris, I dunno about a bonus feat, but you could certainly take it normally. Perhaps we should negotiate further.

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