Weapon Wednesday: Sideswipe Axe

Sideswipe Axe

1-handed light exotic weapon. 3 lbs. 1d6 slashing damage. Critical x3.

Made with odd curves and a strangely shaped blade, a sideswipe axe is designed to surprise opponents. Once during an encounter, you  may declare that you are using this weapon to sideswipe before you make an attack with the sideswipe axe. Your opponent is flat-footed against that attack, and the critical multiplier of this weapon is x4. Unless they are mindless, opponents figure out how the axe may be used and can’t be caught flat-footed in this way again.


A weapon meant as a scary off-hand weapon mainly for rogues, though rangers and others might like it as well.

Also, we’re back after Passover! Thank goodness! Hello again and welcome back!



2 responses to “Weapon Wednesday: Sideswipe Axe

  1. Is the idea you could reuse this on mindless things like undead? If so, you could still only use it once because it specifies “Once during an encounter[…]”.

  2. I guess I considered the possibility, but it’s probably better to keep the weapon limited.
    I have to admit I was influenced by the duel scene in Dune for the design of this weapon. I’m speaking of when Gurney Halleck slips his kindjal under the corner of the table and Paul doesn’t notice.

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