Feat Friday: Paired Spell

Paired Spell

You can alter the technique of one spell with such skill that it becomes another.

Prerequisites: Ability to prepare spells.

Benefit: Choose two spells that you can cast that are of the same school, and are the same spell level. You can spontaneously convert one spell into the other when you have prepared that spell. At 10th level, any metamagic feats you have prepared one spell with are applied to the converted spell as well.

Special: You can take this feat multiple times. When you do, choose a new pair of spells that you can cast.


A neat little feat for spellcasters. I couldn’t count the number of times I’ve struggled over the choice of two spells to prepare, every dang day. At least this feat can let you switch out the most frustrating choice!



2 responses to “Feat Friday: Paired Spell

  1. I don’t find this quite clear. How does the feat interact if I paired 2 5th level spells and I prepare a maximized spell A [so that it takes up an 8th level spell slot]?
    So I can cast spell B maximized instead?

    But if I prepared silent empowered A, I could only choose 1 of the 2 metamagics to apply to B?

  2. Yes, you can cast spell B maximized instead. I’m not sure why you’d think you can only port over 1 of 2 metamagic feats–the 10th level upgrade says ALL.

    I believe that’s balanced because you’re still using the higher-level slot, and you’re still severely limited in your choices.


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