Feat Friday: Cold Hands of the Hunter

Cold Hands of the Hunter

You gain bonuses against an enemy you have tracked to its lair.

Prerequisites: Favored Enemy class feature, Track

Benefit: If you spend at least 1 hour tracking an enemy, you can declare its lair (home, dwelling, or other living space) as a favored terrain for the next 24 hours. You can also declare that creature as a favored enemy for the next 24 hours. If that enemy is already a favored enemy or if its lair is already in favored terrain, you gain a +2 on top of the bonuses you would normally get.


I always think of rangers as the cold, relentless, and implacable stalkers of the world. If one decides to come after you, you can run and run but you can’t escape. He’ll get you eventually. This feat reflects that image.



2 responses to “Feat Friday: Cold Hands of the Hunter

  1. I assume when you declare its lair / creature a favored terrain / enemy, the bonus comes in at the lowest unless you already have said terrain / creature type as favored?

  2. Yes, is that somehow unclear in the spell description? In ranger, simply getting a favored terrain/enemy only provides the lowest bonus, while when leveling up in ranger you can gain an increase. This spell doesn’t count you as a higher-level ranger, so the minimum bonus would apply unless you’ve already got such a bonus.

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