Theme Thursday: Pirate Players


Playing a rambunctious and spirited gentleman or lady of fortune has always been a favorite character concept. The trouble is the massive amount of stupid nonsense that has been produced stealing the idea, which clogs the arteries of your imagination and prevents you from realizing your PC dream.

Thus, this Theme Thursday we find the best stuff for Pirate Players. We will take a mixture of 3.5 and Pathfinder, with some suggestions for converting everything to Pathfinder.

Scarlet Corsair

A classic prestige class from Stormwrack. Sure, almost anything from Stormwrack would appear to fit pirates pretty well, but this prestige class stands out. You can be a brutal and effective warrior, with flashy moves and effective synergies with the rogue class as well as others. Play for a bloodthirsty and cool warrior feel.  Update to Pathfinder by lowering the requirements for Bluff and Intimidate to 5 ranks each, and possibly the BAB requirement to +4 to let the rogues rate in easier.

Skill Tricks

A rule variant from Complete Scoundrel. Great for the acrobatic stunts and dramatic fights you’ll want your character to be having. Not all of them are perfect fits, but many can really make a character buckle a serious amount of swash.


A fun homebrew base class. Play with flair and style as a real “able-bodied seaman before the mast” kind of feel.


If you don’t want to just say “count scimitar as a cutlass,” you might use this homebrew weapon.


A neat idea, but I would nix the darkvision. Also check out the  Corsair’s Eyepatch item on page 90 of the Magic Item Compendium. Like most magic eye patches you find out there, it makes you see better. Does anyone else find that weird? Well, it’s also cool.


A setting by Green Ronin. Good stuff and worth looking into.

Drugs and Addiction

Learn the rules and use them for hilarious results. Just make sure you always do so when it’s going to help the party and not derail the storyline. Because your boat is made of wood, and roast pirate braised with rum smells good in the morning.


And that’s enough. There’s an enormous amount of design for pirate nonsense out there.

Thanks to Paul for suggesting a pirates theme!

See you!



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