Feat Friday: Disjunctive Strike

Disjunctive Strike (combat)

You can strike foes in such a way as to disrupt magical energies.

Prerequisites: Wis 13, BAB +5

Benefit: Once per day per your wisdom modifier (minimum once), you can declare that you are making a disjunctive strike before you roll an attack. If that attack hits, that enemy is subject to a targetedĀ dispel magic effect. For the purposes of this ability, your caster level is considered to be half your level.


Here’s one way to make fighter types more effective against casters. This can help level the playing field at high levels. Fighters should be able to punch through a forcecage! Or something.

Yes, I know about the Rogue talent (thanks Paul!). However, fighters need some lovin’ too. This is a much more flexible ability, and doesn’t only target the lowest-level spell.



5 responses to “Feat Friday: Disjunctive Strike

  1. I could be talking totally out of my ass because I’m writing this from memory of how 3.5 dispel worked.

    Just to point out an example, a 16th level fighter would have a +8 to his roll to dispel. So on average, he’ll roll an 18 or 19. That means he has a 50% chance to debuff a 7th or 8th level caster. To dispel a 16th level wizard, he’d have to get a 27 which would require the fighter to roll 19 or 20 on a d20.

    If I was a 16th level fighter, I’d smash in the face of the 8th level wizard with a nasty power attack and I wouldn’t take the 10% chance of success against the 16th level wizard.

    The ability mechanically makes sense but how do would a DM / player rationalize it in game? “I stab my sword at the wizard’s leg, dispeling his haste, mage armor, and shield spell?” Sounds awkward T_T

  2. Hahaha!
    Good points all.

    Note that using this feat doesn’t impede your normal attack, or stop you from performing a full attack. So you are getting to roll against all the mage armor, haste spells, and so on. Normally, what do you get? No roll. Nothing. This is much more important when you’re trapped in a forcecage or something similar. You may not be as effective at getting past magical barriers as a full-blown wizard.
    But you can do SOMETHING.

    Yes, this feat decreases in usefulness as the caster level of your enemies increases. You could make a rule to help this feat scale, or better yet, create a higher-level feat for which Disjunctive Strike is the prerequisite.

    Rationalization: You have learned to use a bit of focused energy to strike your enemy in such a way that magical energies are disrupted. Few have learned the trick of spinning a blade just right so as to cut through magical dimensions and create such anomalies.


  3. Maybe this is just in my head but you might be messing up the rock paper scissors dynamic the game has, IE wizard beats fighter, fighter beats rogue, rogue beats wizard. Or more generally will> fort > ref > will.

    Side note, maybe up the fighter’s equivalent caster level to 3/4 his HD but make the strike a standard action to use so that the player might have to sacrifice a full attack to use it.

  4. I think of it more as a rock, paper, scissors, chainsaw, badminton racket kind of game.
    In other words, it’s massively complex and everyone has the opportunity to expand their usefulness and versatility.
    Also, the rogue beats fighter too.
    Anyway, you could pile on more prerequisites if you like–it makes sense, but hurts the low-skilled fighter in a way that’s not totally necessary.
    Good stuff, though.

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