Weapon Wednesday: Jump Staff

Jump Staff

2-handed exotic weapon. 4 lbs. 1d6/1d6 bludgeoning damage.

Similar in appearance to a quarterstaff, a jump staff is wrapped with soft leather and is subtly curved at both ends. Without the Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat, this weapon can be used in an identical manner to a quarterstaff. With the feat, this unique weapon can also be used to give the user a bonus on Acrobatics checks to make a jump. If the user spends one attack hitting the ground with a jump staff, he gains a +2 circumstance bonus on such checks for that turn. The jump staff can also be used to make one jump (such as over the head of an enemy) during a charge, although the user cannot gain the bonus during a charge.


An amusing and useful weapon. In this case, it can make charges much easier to pull off if you’re building your character that way. I’ve tried to get a unique flavor going for these Weapon Wednesdays.



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