Feat Friday: Ring Lord

Ring Lord

You can gain the benefit of three magic rings at once.

Prerequisites: Wisdom 13

When wearing 3 magic rings (two on one hand), you are able to channel the power from one of those rings to another part of your body. When using this feat, a body slot other than your finger slots is considered filled for the purposes of magic items. Your ring is still damaged in the normal order if you roll a 1 on a saving throw.

Normal: You can only gain the benefit of up to 2 magic rings at the same time.


Does this exist elsewhere? I don’t believe so.



3 responses to “Feat Friday: Ring Lord

  1. Hey thanks, Rarzor.
    I believe that the best feats are those that improve or change the most basic things about normal characters. Feats like Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Dodge–these are among the most flavorful and extremely useful feats out there. Feats get harder to design well the more specific or oddball they are.

  2. I would just like to point out there is an item similar to this that lets you turn your neck slot into a ring slot. Not really any bearing, just thought i would mention it.

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