Weapon Wednesday: Spinning Starblade

Spinning Starblade

2-handed exotic weapon. 2d4 damage. 6 lbs. Monk weapon. Cost: 175 gp.

This sturdy bamboo haft holds a star-shaped blade set in a hinge that allows it to spin madly as blows are struck in combat. The unique structure of this weapon grants the weilder a +1 attack bonus on all iterative attacks. However, because it utilizes moving parts, the weapon is vulnerable to sundering, and the user takes a -2 on CMD against sundering attempts on a spinning starblade.



This weapon is meant to have a unique flavor. I wouldn’t recommend it for all games, though it should be balanced. It works best in a splashy, asian-style setting with ninjas and samurai using crazy weapons and cutting down legions of baddies.

The spinning starblade grants a user a slight edge at high levels, which really can make all the difference. To use this weapon in 3.x instead of Pathfinder, change the CMD to “attack roll.”



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